Integrated Ear Reflexology 

This is a two day workshop. Often a neglected part of the body, the ears hold a special place in bodywork.  This workshop will equip you with a solid foundation in Ear Reflexology, and a sound knowledge of the specific techniques required to be able to integrate the use of the Ears in to your existing Foot Reflexology practice to further enhance the session’s effectiveness, and support your client in a targeted way.

After a very well received first Integrated Ear Reflexology Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand on the 24th & 25th November 2018, I am thrilled to be taking this workshop to a number of locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland in September 2019. 



This workshop is intended for fully trained professional Reflexologists.  However on the Norwich UK workshop, people who have attended at least a two day Introduction to Reflexology Course and have gained some experience in working on the feet may attend. Remember that if you have only studied an Intro Course you may only work on yourself/family and friends and are strictly not allowed to charge for these services.

I regularly work on the ears of my clients either before or after their foot reflexology session to further support any specific issues that they're bodies are dealing with at the time .  I have witnessed many powerful changes, particularly with regard to the reduction of extreme pain in the back/neck and other musculoskeletal areas ... and you know how many people suffer with pain and tension in one or more of these areas. 

I will gift you an Ear Probe and show you how to use Ear Seeds (Press Spheres) on specific acupressure ear points.  Ear Seeds offer targeted support betweeen sessions. While the Ear Seed does exert a subtle pressure of its own, it also affords the client the opportunity a great self help opportunity, as they apply gentle pressure to the Ear Seed whenever they wish.
As this is my particular area of passion I would love to share with you my findings and the new techniques that I have developed, so that you too may help bring even more relief to your clients, your family members and yourselves. (Plus explore the other target issues listed on the flyer).  If you have already studied the ears in your Reflexology Diploma but don't use it very often or even at all then this may be just the workshop you need to remind you of the many added benefits of Ear Reflexology.

My knowledge and frequent use of the ears has contributed in a very big way to the rapid growth of my business, particularly by word of mouth from clients who have regained quality of life as their pain and discomfort has diminished, as they find their sleep restored, or once their persistent headaches/migraines have stopped. 

To enrol on one of the United Kingdom/Ireland workshops click on the link below and complete the enrolment process.

Karen Middleton MRNZ