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  • 35 page PDF workbook

  • slide show with links to 14 instructional videos

  • detailed ear chart

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Course fee NZ$260

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  • Purchase the Course Pack which includes the course manual, my ear reflexology chart and 14 instructional videos.

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  • Undertake and submit 1 case study

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All about the Course 

This online learning course will equip you with a solid foundation in Ear Reflexology, and a sound knowledge of the specific techniques required to be able to integrate the use of the Ears in to your existing Foot Reflexology practice to further enhance the session’s effectiveness, and support your client in a targeted way.

This course is aimed at fully qualified reflexology practitioners. Ear work can also be incorporating into other body work practices, eg. Indian Head Massage, Massage, Facial Reflexology, etc.

📝 Course Content:

- What is Auricular Therapy/Ear Reflexology
- History of Auricular Therapy/Ear Reflexology
- The science behind working the ear
- Anatomy and structure of the ear
- The body mapped on to the ears
- Eastern and Western Reflexology points on the ears
- Benefits of working the ears
- Focus on pain management
- Case Study Examples
- The Ear Reflexology sequence and techniques
- Auricular Taping - placing of Ear Seeds on the ears

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Zoom class dates and times (New Zealand timezone):

Thursday 26 August from 7pm to 10pm  
Zoom class dates and times (New Zealand timezone):

Thursday 11 November from 9am to 12pm