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Hand Reflexology has a very special place in a reflexologists repertoire.

When a client arrives in our practice with an injured foot, amputation of the leg/foot, or some other reason why we can not work their feet, or maybe even just one of their feet, then Hand Reflexology is an alternate that offers the same healing potential as the feet.

Working on the hands also provides a beautiful therapeutic connection when working on older clients, people who are very ill, or emotionally overwhelmed. And of course it is just lovely for hands that work hard physically every day of their lives!

It is easy to work on the hands, and also a great platform for teaching self-help techniques that clients can use between their sessions with us.

All the same reflex points that are found on the feet are found on the hands and wrists.

Left hand represents the left hand side of the body. Right hand the right side of the body.

If you’ve not ever experienced a Hand Reflexology session then I highly recommend that you ask your Reflexologist to include a bit of hand work in your next session.

x Karen x


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Karen Middleton MRNZ

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