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Corporate Wellness


Stress in the work place is one of the most common areas of stress in our lives.

Even if we love our jobs, stress is an inevitable part of day-to-day performance and impacts both employers and employees alike.  Everyone is susceptible because stress is an individual’s perception of the load they carry, no matter your role in your workplace.  Stress is good like that, in that it doesn’t discriminate.


And the stress isn’t just physiological, it is physical as well.  Hours spent in front of a computer screen, starts playing havoc with your posture.  Muscles start to fatigue and cause pain which is the nervous system reacting to the way you sit.

This is where my ‘Corporate Wellness’ program comes in.  A lot of people will not take the time to go for regular massages.  Cost is an issue, as is the understanding of the benefits.  Any form of massage or hands on treatment is seen as a treat, not a necessity.  However, you do not need a full 1-hour table massage to get the benefits of stress-release.  Even a short chair ‘massage’ conducted by a trained practitioner can have the same calming effects on the nervous system.


Indian Head Massage is well suited to 15min (or longer) slots and ideal for a large number staff. It is done in a low back office chair, or if a suitable one is not available I will supply my own.


Reflexology is best done in a minimum time session of 30min per person, 45min is great and 60min being the ultimate. For this session I bring my reclining reflexology chair.


A quiet private room is necessary for the reflexology but not as necessary for the Indian head Massage, though it is still ideal.




Indian Head Massage or Reflexology - $100 (incl GST) per hour with appropriate short breaks for the practitioner built into a visit of 3 hours or more.  

Travel - Extra travel costs will apply when visiting companies outside the immediate 5km radius of my business.

Karen Middleton MRNZ

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