Stretch and Flexibility Classes


Warmly inviting you to join our weekly stretch.

A small group class for men and women designed to help gently release tensions, and improve flexibility and range of motion in muscles and fascia. Stretching is for everyone.  It is non-competitive and can be done by young and old.  Real stretching is all about releasing! The guided routines are performed by you, led by you closely listening to your body and released through a powerful combination of visualization and breath work. Karen has over 20 years of experience, participating in and teaching similar classes. She has completed diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology.


Whether you are an active sports person, occasional runner, or 'stuck at your desk' kind of person, this group class will enhance your daily life and help you release accumulated tension patterns. 


  • When: Thursday mornings 9:15am - 10:15am

              (during school terms)


  • Cost: $15 per class


  • Wear comfortable clothing, bring a small hand towel for use in some stretches and your water bottle. 

  • It is essential to enquire before attending a class, as numbers are limited.

  • Contact Karen for further details and to secure your place.


Where - When - Cost
Benefits of stretching with us
  • A small group class, allowing each participant to receive personalized attention

  • An environment in which you can learn to listen to your body and interpret its needs

  • Learn correct breathing techniques, improve your breathing and breathe capacity

  • Relax overworked muscles by gentle lengthening, so relieving and discouraging cramps

  • Keep your joints and muscles in good working order and help to cut down on aches and pains in the coming years

  • Provide you with routines to enhance and support your other fitness or sporting regimes

  • To keep muscles and joints flexible, which will substantially reduce the risk of injury

  • To encourage blood circulation and thus increase the flow of nutrients to all your limbs and organs

  • To provide you with a refreshing way to exercise

  • To help you to relax as you become conscious of which muscle groups are retaining tension

  • To promote energy and enthusiam that may be lacking

  • To improve your posture and alignment ... and possibly even weight and shape

Karen Middleton MRNZ