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It was misty today ... or was it?

Nature ... in particular the weather ... provided me with a moment of reflection today.

Auckland was misty this morning. Really misty! Visibility was down to only the few cars around and ahead of me. The whitish greyness robbed us all of familiar landmarks, geographical and architectural.

The beautiful inlets of the harbour sea just weren't there. The numerous distant volcanic mounds that are part of the character of our biggest city had been erased. The Sky Tower may just as well have never been built.

And yet as we drove over the crest of the sloping harbour bridge we emerged very suddenly into glorious sunlight and a clear blue sky.

There was the Sky Tower, towering above the crowd of buildings that form the central business district of Auckland. The volcanic hillocks. The gorgeous harbour with its clusters of sailing boats, motor boats and ships. The busy ferries following their usual course, taking commuters to their office jobs in the city.

It was all there after all, even though I could not see it! It had been there all along. Shrouded temporarily from my sight, but never the less, there.

And while I could not see it others could.

On arrival at my destination my exclamation about the heavy mist drew immense surprise from those I was speaking to. "What mist?", they said.

It's all about Perspective isn't it.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of Perspective reads like this - 'A particular attitude towards, or way of regarding something'.

And then there is Perception. Perception is our ability to see, or become aware of something through our senses.

These two 'P' words are closely connected and hugely affect by a number of factors and influences, both within us and from around us. Especially Attitude.

Our Attitude affects our Perception and shapes our Perspective.

Scary hey!

And this is where Reflexology fits in.

I know you were wondering how I was going to bring Reflexology into it.

The role of Reflexology in this is powerful, far reaching and very personal. Stepping away from it all for just an hour, to receive Reflexology, may be exactly what you need to maintain (or restore) a healthy Attitude, a holistic Perception, and clarity of Perspective ... Even on misty days.

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