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The image with this blog article is a very well known one to all Reflexologists. It is a Zone Therapy Chart. 📝

Zone Therapy Theory is accepted as the precursor to modern Reflexology as we know it today and was used as far back as 1500 A.D. Zone theory was introduced by Sir Henry Head, a London based neurologist, in 1893. He found that the whole body and limbs could be marked into areas which correspond to the distribution of the pain given off from one segment of the spinal cord. 🤔

Zone Therapy was further developed by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald. Dr Fitzgerald was an ear, nose and throat specialist. (1872–1942) He verified that pressure on various parts of the body, hands, fingers, mouth and feet, could be used to bring about a numbing effect on another area of the body and published his findings with co-author Bowers in “Zone Therapy” (1917). 📘

In Zone Therapy the body is divided into ten equal longitudinal zones, 5 on each side of the mid line of the body. Each toe and finger defines a specific zone; therefore there are five zones per foot/hand. The zones are distributed up the body like slices. 👍

Zone Therapy is based on the concept that within these zones, energy runs up and down between all the parts of the body. It involved applying pressure to a part of the body to influence the functioning of other parts situated in the same longitudinal zone but distant from the part of the body to which pressure was applied. A blockage of the body’s natural energy may have an effect on any organ or part of the body that lies within that particular zone and may create an energy imbalance in any part of the body within that zone. 🤢

A very special lady built on this information to develop Reflexology as we know it today …. But I’ll tell you about her tomorrow. 💙

x Karen x


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Karen Middleton MRNZ

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