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Fondly known as the ‘Mother of Reflexology’, Eunice Ingham was born in South Dakota in 1889. She went on to work as a physiotherapist, and it was through this work that she was introduced to Zone Therapy (see my post yesterday 😉)

Through her own research and evidence using the ten zones of the body she mapped the whole body’s organs and systems on the feet, developing the foot chart of modern reflexology.👣

Her technique is what is practised all over the world today.🌎

The lovely image of Eunice working on her husband’s feet is taken from her book “Stories the Feet Can Tell”.

Eunice's life-long goal was to help people as much as she was able, whenever, and wherever.

This is still the collective wish of Reflexologists all over the world.💙

x Karen x

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Karen Middleton MRNZ

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