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Ear Reflexology or Auricular Therapy is a form of Reflexology that is administered by working on the ears.

Every smaller part of the body can be mapped as a micro-system of the entire body.

This is called somatotopy.

Somatotopy is the point-for-point correspondence of an area of the body to a specific point on the motor areas of the brain.

As we know there are micro-system maps of the body, all over the body - on the feet, hands, tongue and more.

The ear to brain connection is the shortest and most direct of these neurological micro-systems.

Auricular therapy is the only direct micro-system that can be used for diagnosis and treatment.

All the other micro-systems, such as foot and hand reflexology and acupuncture are much more indirect, with many more nerve connections from the point of stimulation to the end result.

Often a neglected part of the body, the ears are one of the most accessible areas to work on.

The shape of the body is projected onto the ear and every point of the body corresponds to a point on the ear.

Visualize an inverted fetal shape on to the ear ... head on the ear lobe and buttocks at the apex of the ear ... and that's how the body is mapped on the ear in reflexology terms.

A reflexologist uses their fingers and thumbs to work all the outer surfaces of the ear.

In a healthy person the link is not apparent but when there is an imbalance of the physiological equilibrium its related reflex point on the ear becomes painful. The reflexologist then stimulates the painful points of the ear by gentle massage.

A further perk of working on the ears, is being able to apply an Ear Seed to a specific area to allow continued working by the client on an area of need in the body, via the ear.

The ear is a very concentrated and busy area of nerve endings. So the points that are found on the ears are literally access points in to these nerves.

Therefore, using the ears as the therapeutic surface has the possibility of profoundly powerful benefits, and the most rapid results in Reflexology terms.

Working the ears may be used as an alternative to the hands or feet if they are not accessible, are injured, or absent.

Pain management.


Muscular tension.

Ear reflexology is also the ideal add-on to a foot or hand reflexology session, and may be used to further enhance the work already done on these, or to target and address a specific need, i.e. pain management, insomnia, muscular tension and more.

Points on the ears are very easy to detect.

They are only active if there is some physical or functional problem in the corresponding area in the body.