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Healing dims the lights for a while!

I had a great conversation with a client today, explaining to her how the body goes about 'healing' itself during illness, and in her case (and many cases) restoring balance after the cumulative build up of imbalances over many, many years.

She had a rather more 'negative' reaction to her first Reflexology session with me than she had hoped for. She felt exhausted, almost wiped out, for almost a week!


At this point I would like to remind you, as I did her, that we are looking for CHANGE after Reflexology. Naturally, as all practitioners do, I had advised her of the possible reactions she could experience following the session, and that some of these fall under the heading of being less pleasant.

But for some reason human nature seems to still expect that Reflexology will only trigger 'good' and pleasant reactions. The perception is that any changes in the body post Reflexology should be "positive", not "negative".

What is your view on this? Do you think that feeling extreme tiredness after Reflexology is a negative reaction?

You feel very tired after running a marathon ... And that's not a bad thing.

You feel fatigue every Friday after a full week of work ... And that's pretty normal.

You even feel rather lethargic after a delicious 3-course meal ... And that's definitely a good thing.

Now I get to the bit about the body healing itself. When you are ill, your body dedicates all its reserves to fighting the 'bug' causing the disease. The immune system works overtime to produce white blood cells to do the defending, plus simultaneously the body must do repairs on whatever damage has already been done on a cellular level.

This all takes a great deal of energy, so the body triggers fatigue.


If you think of your body in electrical terms then this is easier to understand. Fatigue is like the lights dimming as the energy supply is needed elsewhere. A surge of energy to one area depletes the energy in another area.

With this in mind, the exhaustion experienced by my client after her Reflexology can now be viewed in a different light.

She had after all, come in with a number of pressing physical issues that she hoped the Reflexology would help her address. Well, we can now see that her body certainly got on with that right away!

The Reflexology stirred things up, and given the opportunity, the body began the task of beginning to restore balance to the organs and systems experiencing imbalance. The energy was utilised where needed and thus she felt extreme fatigue ...


Once things settled down again, and she felt her energy return, she then became aware of the 'positive' changes. And there were a number of them. Wahoo!

I have to admit that considering what she experienced and how startled and disappointed she was at the outcome of her first Reflexology session, I was extremely impressed to see her back at all.

I've witnessed this senario in the past, and sadly the client did not returned for follow up sessions.

But, this lady held fast to her belief that (in her own words) ...


... And after her second Reflexology appointment she felt vibrant and booked in for her next one!

Lotsaluv and blessings

x Karen x

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